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GEEK LIFE / マタンゴ[第4期カラー] 〈+Eng sub〉

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1963年公開の本多猪四郎監督の特撮ホラー映画『マタンゴ』よりマタンゴがスタンダードサイズ ソフビで立体化。ギークライフさんのマタンゴ、4期カラーです。最近、マタンゴにハマってまして、好みのカラーが出たら購入しようとしておりました。予約って書いてあったので、しばらく届かないのかな? と思っていたら、数日で届きました! ちゃんと注意書き読んでおけよ……。4期カラーは完売。定期的に新カラーが発売するようなので、要チェックです。


Matango from the 1963 special effects horror film "Matango" directed by Inoshiro Honda has been sculpted as a standard size soft vinyl figure. This is Geek Life's Matango, 4th period color. Recently, I've been into Matango, and I was going to buy it when the color I like comes out. I was wondering if I wouldn't receive it for a while since it said "pre-order". I thought it would be a while before I received it, but it arrived in just a few days! Make sure you read the note: ....... The 4th period colors are sold out. It seems that new colors will be released periodically, so be sure to check back.

The figure is approximately 26 cm tall, consists of 6 parts, and is molded in light gray.


The shipping carton was so heavy that I wondered if I had ordered something else, if there was a booklet in it, or if Yamayoshiya, where I bought it, knew I was a blogger and offered me the product (how could that be?!!!). I was thinking about all this when I was surprised to see a magnificent box. Come to think of it, Geek Life's Matango came in a box!



The box is decorated on six sides with ominous incendiary text and effect lines. The printing is elaborate, using ink that lifts off the surface.







Although it is described as a standard size, it is about 26 cm long and quite large.

As well as the volume of the head, the limbs are also thick and magnificent.




I fell in love with the coloring at first sight.

The color scheme is really cool, with a grayish-white body, bright unglazed yellow, soft pink, contrasting metallic silver, black, and purple.






Matangos on hand, side by side.

It is very large.

The style is somewhere between realistic and default.

All of the matangos in the hand have distinctive features.


購入前は、シラハマトイさんのマタンゴと似た感じかな? と思ってましたが、かなり違いましたね!! かなり人間的に思いました。

Before I bought it, I thought it would be similar to Shirahamatoi's Matango? I thought it was, but it was quite different! I thought it was quite human.



Geeklife's matangos have proper eyes, which gives them a sense of will.



The muscular body also looks ferocious. Cool back. Beautiful metallic purple~!




Fingers are well sculpted. Boldly painted with bold margins. Nice!



The melon bread-like shade.



Representation of the back of the shade.



The paint pattern on the feet is asymmetrical. The paint here is one of the motives for purchase.



Footing. It is large and very well installed. The engraving does not say Geek Life, but is marked NAUTS. I am not sure of the relationship between these two. Is it a double name, or is Geeklife a sub-brand of NAUTS? ......




It was a cool matango with a standing heroic look. Dark heroic .......

Matango, I need to collect more!