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リアルヘッド / 真頭玩具写真集〈+Eng sub〉

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This is a photo book by Real Head, a leading independent soft vinyl artist.

As a collector of soft vinyl, you may be tempted to get a catalog-like collection of his works, especially if they are hard to find. This is especially true when it comes to hard-to-find soft vinyl.

This photo book is a project brought to us by a photographer and collector.





At first, the book was sold at the actual store of Magashira Toys in Aoto, and I was able to obtain it through the mail order service of "Mogura no Ana" (Mole's Ana).

Initially, up to two copies could be mail-ordered, but as a result, we received so many orders that we could not fulfill the requests, so we had to sell them by lottery.

Unlike sofubi, I think it is possible to print many times, so I hope that the second and third editions will be printed again and again, and that they will be available to those who "really want" them.




The book comes in a red envelope, sealed with a "forest" sticker.

The sticker is heated with a hair dryer, carefully removed, and affixed to the PC case by me.



本の大きさは210×273で、A4判とAB判の間くらい? 詳しくないので、ちゃんとした規格なのかわかりません。もしかすると、作品の大きさなどから求められた最適比なんでしょうか?

It has a bright red binding with embossed text.

The size of the book is 210 x 273, somewhere between A4 and AB format? I am not familiar with it, so I don't know if it is a proper standard. Perhaps it is the optimum ratio required based on the size of the work, etc.?




Nothing on the spine either.

It's cool and simple.



The contents are based on an image of one character on each page, taken from the front, and a picture of the work on the spread. There is no text, just pictures.








*Using Instagram's share function.

Against a serene black backdrop, the works standing nioi are arranged in an unobtrusive manner.

The light level is narrowed down and the feet and other parts of the body are half assimilated into the black background in this photographic method.

Very cool.