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キダイ玩具室 / 小判亀 萬年[1期]〈+Eng sub〉

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キダイさんの最新作、とても縁起の良い小判亀 萬年です。



This is KIDAI's latest creation, a very auspicious koban tortoise, Mannen.

The first phase is clear molded and unpainted. The transparency is high, with no dripping or bubbles in the middle, giving the impression of high quality made in Japan. However, we were told that even so, the yield rate is still low, and this may be the first and last time the figure will be made in clear molding.

The figure is approximately 11 cm in height, consists of 4 parts, and is molded in clear.



うはッ! これで札束風呂に美女をはべらせ、ウェーイwwww

The five lucky charms will bring you a very gratifying match.

Wow! Now you can have a beautiful woman in the bathtub with a wad of cash and go awww!




It is a beautiful clear molding that looks like it is made of ice.

The minogame is a tortoise whose back shell is covered with algae, giving it the appearance of carrying a straw skirt, and is prized as a symbol of longevity and good fortune. It is said that the turtle is naturally grown in this state, but many books have been published on artificially planting algae and its cultivation. It is an interesting world.



Your face is crisp.



When you shake it, money comes out of it like a hammer.



In the left hand is a power stone. It's called a treasured gem. It's called a treasure that grants wishes at will, and it's a dragon ball.



The chest is covered with a small-sized oval. The back of the fish is made in such a way that one can see all the way through to the back shell, which would be ruined if there were any drooping in the middle.




The short legs and tail-like algae provide firm grounding and stability.




The clear molding is soft and fun to the touch.

It is also nice that the interlacing is slippery and movable.





He said that when he gets an idea, he immediately starts modeling and takes it to the molding stage in no time.

I have a big ambition to make my own original soft vinyl at ...... someday, so this was a very informative talk.

It seems to be implicitly said that it is easier to give birth than to think. ...... I'll do my best (sweat).