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チャノマ玩具 / イシュマル[レモンイエロー成形]〈+Eng sub〉


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This is Ishmaru from Chanoma Toy, which was sold by lottery in January.

Total height approximately 14 cm, 4 parts configuration. The molding color is lemon yellow.

It's bigger than I thought it would be, and it's full of volume. Perfect, beautiful paint job. It has the appearance of a stylish imported antique doll.


The packaging is a specification that is tied with a simple mall.


イシュマルと聞いて、クジラモチーフだし、そういう伝説の捕鯨船でもあったのかな? と思いました……伊寿丸とかさ。



When I heard "Ishmaru", I thought it was a whale motif, and I wondered if it was also a whaling ship in the legend. I thought...Ijimaru or something.

As usual, I asked Dr. Google to get the nugget of nonsense and got a hit on Ishmael, the name of Abraham's eldest son in the Bible.

However, it didn't seem to have anything to do with whales, and I figured that this Ishmael was probably not a direct origin. After researching for a while, I hit on Melville's "The White Whale," a masterpiece of American literature and one of the ten great novels of the world. And one of those characters is Ishmael!

白鯨 上 (岩波文庫)

白鯨 上 (岩波文庫)

白鯨 中 (岩波文庫)

白鯨 中 (岩波文庫)

白鯨 下 (岩波文庫 赤 308-3)

白鯨 下 (岩波文庫 赤 308-3)





But I was troubled.

As a toy blogger, I like to do my research on what seems to be the history of toys, and when I did TKOM's Doublethink, I needed some time to read George Orwell's 1984.





The problem is that "White Whale" is a very difficult and large feature film.

I'm in trouble...I'm in trouble...and the farce ends here.

To tell you the truth, I had a hard time reading this book when I was a university student...I tried to be bossy, but I don't remember the contents of this book, and I remember that I was just following the text as if it was half a penance.



白鯨は物語の本題に入るまえに、古今東西の書物や伝承からクジラに関する記述の引用から始まります。聖書からそのまま引用されてると、現代文ではないので、これを読まなきゃならんの……? と本当にキツかった。確か、メルヴィルは、リヴァイアサンもクジラとして引用していました。



The White Whale begins by quoting descriptions of whales from ancient and modern writings and lore before cutting to the chase. I have to read this because it's taken verbatim from the Bible and not modern writing...? And it was really tight. Indeed, Melville also cited Leviathan as a whale.


The story is about Captain Ahab who is vengeful after his leg is eaten by an out-of-spec white whale called Moby-Dick, and the storyteller is a man named Ishmael. He will be the last survivor of the ship Pequod, which he boarded. What I remember is that Captain Ahab's prosthetic leg was made from whale bones, that there were countless holes in the deck of the Pequod, and that the prosthetic leg was set in them to prevent him from falling, and that Ishmael's partner, the harpooner Queequeg from the South Pacific, was not fluent in English, so at first I got the impression that he was a brainy wild man, but he was actually very smart... I don't know, maybe not.



Anyway, the text was hard to read. It's not divided into paragraphs like a novella. A single sentence droning on and on is a ". It goes on and on without using the It was my impression that the entire front page was filled with text, with no margins. Is that all right about the white whale (laughs)?





But I thought it was great that they gave this character a name that wasn't Moby Dick or Ahab, but Ishmael.

Ishmael in the Bible was born when Sarah, Abraham's wife, who was not blessed with children until she was 85 years old, married a young female slave who had been serving her to her husband because she couldn't bear to give birth anymore because of her age. However, his wife, Sarah, later became pregnant with a child. The son of a concubine, Ishmael, was driven off to the desert, along with his mother, in succession, but by divine revelation he returned and was adopted by Sarah, the slave master, according to the laws of the time.

Interestingly, there are different interpretations of Ishmael in Judeo-Christianity and Islam, which use the same Bible as scripture. In Islam, he is regarded as one of the prophets in reference to the Exile from Paradise and the Exodus anecdotes, while in Judeo-Christianity, he is never named as an evil person due to pregnancy by iniquity, even by the guidance of his wife.





The pompous and inflated chest. Even if they were to be estranged, their eyes were full of intention.

I felt sympathy for Ishmael, whose name has its roots in Ishmael, a name that will never be named.

I thought it was very timely, but I had whale meat the other day. Especially in Europe and the United States, people say that they are barbaric, but because of the overfishing that our ancestors did, the number of the animals that have decreased has recovered, and they have increased too much, which has destroyed the ecosystem in the opposite direction. On the one hand, I think Western culture is wonderful, but on the other hand, I feel that it's overbearing and self-righteous. It's kind of a bad idea to put a sin on a person's birth, isn't it?



When viewed from behind, both legs look like tail fins, making them look more whale-like.



The paint is really beautiful!



Sailor-ish anchor tattoos and seashell ornaments.




The intricate painted parts of the sailor's uniform are stunning.

The silver shells and barnacles are painted in silver and look like jewels.



The inscriptions on the soles of the feet are Shira Hamatoi, just like the other Chanoma Toy creations. I think the design is by Chanoma Toy and the original is by Shira Hamatoi.



At first I thought it would be about the same size as a gyoza, so I was surprised at how big it was. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the volume is so much more than that, and when I actually held it in my hand, my face cracked.



I hope to continue collecting them in the future!