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TkoM (コムロタカヒロ) / Rocky [Flying mountain・OIL by 美術手帖限定]〈+Eng sub〉


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彫刻家コムロタカヒロ(TkoM)さんが、OIL by 美術手帖ギャラリーで開催の「Flying mountain」展(2020/8/21~9/7)で発表された作品です。200個限定の抽選販売でした。昨年は、「Vortex」展を開催しており、同じくミニサイズのソフビを発表しています。

 Sculptor Takahiro Komuro (TkoM) presented his work at the exhibition "Flying mountain" at OIL by Art Techo Gallery (21 Aug. - 7 Sept. 2020), which was limited to 200 pieces. Last year, she held an exhibition "Vortex" and presented a miniature soft vinyl model as well.


It is molded in fluorescence yellow and consists of two parts, approximately 7.5 cm in height.



The package looks like this.







This time the character "Rocky" seems to be a rock creature.

Following on from the last time and Vortex, the name of this show was Flying Mountain, and the association of the name seemed to create another narrative.






The gradient is beautiful. The darker colors on top and the lighter colors on the bottom create a floating effect. This is truly a flying mountain. It's fantastic and takes you back to your childhood.





体にも顔がありますが、こちらは目がありません。分裂前? 人間は人の顔をパターンとして認識する能力が強いようで、池の鯉の頭や、何気ない怪我の跡、火星の地表の影に人の顔を見つけることがよくあります。また、山や岩を神とみなして人格を持たせるのは、昔からの風習でもあります。

The body also has a face, but this one has no eyes. Before splitting? Humans seem to have a strong ability to recognize human faces as patterns, and we often find human faces in the heads of koi in ponds, in casual injury marks, and in the shadows of the surface of Mars. It is also an ancient custom to regard mountains and rocks as gods and give them a personality.




From the vortex = water theme, the frog Gerolin from the vortex = water theme, and Rocky the rock golem from the mountain = earth. I wonder if it has a shamanistic meaning, a sensitivity to nature. If the exhibition is held every year, I'm looking forward to seeing if it will be in the same vein as the four elements, or if it will defy my expectations.



A limited number of 200 is not a small number for a lottery sofubi, but it's still a good thing that a popular artist's work won twice in a row. I don't even remember there was a field to fill out an Instagram account, so I think it's a real rack, but I hope I win next time if there is one.



美術手帖 2020年 12月号

美術手帖 2020年 12月号

  • 発売日: 2020/11/07
  • メディア: 雑誌