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ミロクトイ / ミロク博士の奇妙な発明:チープトイカラー4弾Aセット〈+Eng sub〉



STOP Mirrock Motion is very good.....


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なんて指を咥えています。このカラーリングには既視感あるなぁ、と思っていて、部屋を眺めていたら、これだ! と手に取りました。で、そう言えば、これ記事にしてないってことに気づきました。※ちゃんと見比べたら、カラースキームあんまり似てない……。


She sucked her fingers in her mouth. I was thinking I had a vested interest in this livery and I was looking at the room and this is it! and took it in his hand. And, speaking of which, I realized that I didn't post this. If you compare them properly, the color scheme is not very similar...

Released in August 2014, the fourth A set of these cheesy toy colors has actually not yet been released in Japan. I'm sure it was sold for the overseas mail order. The B set was also released in Japan, so I've been reviewing it at the time.


The first series of Dr. Mirock's Bizarre Inventions has come to an end, but when you pick it up for the first time in a long time, you are once again struck by the loveliness and surprise of its small size and elaborate molding.



The Cheap Toy Color is a livery that wraps around the bare body and paints it. The molding color this time was a skin color.



Mirock Kotoko.



Once again, a great design.



It's a 360-degree view, and it's worth seeing from anywhere.




In Dr. Mirock, this may be my favorite combination. I like the shape of the bulge in the lower abdomen of the tokotoparts.

With the combination I have now, I can make three Milocktokotoko, so I enshrine it as a triumvirate at home.



The Three Heavenly Kings Tank.



This is the strangest head part of Dr. Mirock's invention.



He has a stern face, but he is somehow humorous.



The head has an angular design, so if you combine it with the tank, you'll feel a sense of unity as if it was this combination from the beginning. The shadows come out vividly, don't they?




Mirock Attack.

Initially, you could get Dr. Mirock and Santenoh as a bonus if you bought them as a set. I don't know if there are people who only buy one of them...



This color is a great match for the super car eraser motif.