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DELTA VINYL / ロボットのともだち ピキー[ラメ/第二回ソフビ決起集会]+Eng sub〉


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I will resume the introduction of the soft vinyl that I got at the second soft vinyl rally.

This time it's the third season of Picky by Delta Vinyl (I think...). The molding color is smoke-clear with aurora lamé enclosed. The coloring is kept in check and the glittering glitter is brought to life in a romantic way.

2 parts, approximately 10cm in height.



The package design is probably the same as the first season. The sticker is the same one.




This is a beautiful smoke-clear body.

Aside from the gimmick of being transparent, Clear is made softer than normal, so it's fun to niggle.



It's a little hard to see in the picture, but the lame inside is an aurora lame that changes to red, yellow, green and blue like the shimmer of the Big Suriman sticker. It's so beautiful!



 Just the right size to carry in your pocket.




It's easy to take such a cut when shooting outside.

Every angle is adorable.



The interesting thing about Picky is that when he's put like this, the hem of his costume is turned up, and the posing of his bobbing feet makes him seem to float a bit off the ground. There is a strange sense of levitation and vibrancy, but the sense of stability is outstanding due to the three-point grounding of the heels of both feet and the hem of the back.


イベントで御本人にお会いすることができましたので、厚かましくもファンですアッピールしました(汗)。認識していただけたかは不明ですし、やりすぎは迷惑だとおもいますけど、ハナコはもちろん、TC- 8、NANNOUもまたリリースして欲しいです、ってことを伝えたくて。どうしてもっと早くから追っかけてなかったんだろう……!

I was able to meet him at the event, so I had the nerve to appeal to him as a fan (sweat). I don't know if they recognized it or not, and I don't want to overdo it, but I wanted to tell them that I want them to release Hanako, TC-8 and NANNOU again. Why didn't I go after him sooner...!