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留之助商店 / ミスター・クレメント:ヴァルガー・ステイトメント[wgb version灰色]〈+Eng sub〉


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This is the first soft vinyl work produced by a Hong Kong artist, Mr. Clement Tomenosuke Shoten. It was sold for the first time at Tokyo Comic-Con 2019, and a small number of copies were also sold at Otoban Daigaku 2019, and I bought it here.

a vulgar statement=品のない声明(拙訳……vulgarには下品、低俗、粗野な、卑猥な、などの意味がある)と題された作品です。

追記:留之助さんのサイトではお下品な声明と訳されていました。下品な声明とするか自分は悩んだんですけど、なんか批判的に聞こえるし、もう少しニュアンスが違うなぁと思って品のないにしたんですけど、お下品とは! ばっちりな感じ!



参照‐ミスター・クレメント初のソフビ計画、始動 : 下呂温泉 留之助商店 店主のブログ



The "wgb" in the version name seems to be the initials of the molded white, gray, and black colors released this time.

According to Tomenosuke Shoten's blog, the project started in June of 2018.

Reference - Mr. Clement's first soft vinyl project, starting : Gero Onsen, Renosuke Shoten's Blog

Mr. Clement's normal temperament and bold sketches of motifs not seen in the style of his work caught the eye of the owner of the Tomenosuke Store, and he was approached to make a soft vinyl version of the figure, and the artist himself began making the original. The prototype is supervised by Mr. Miroquois, and the know-how of slash molding is transmitted here, corrected, and completed.

Height approximately 27 cm, 4 parts composition. The molding color is gray. It's numbered, and it says 50 pieces, but I think it's 50 pieces in each color because it's hard to divide.



First, the unboxing.

It comes in a respectable paper tube case.



Title of work.



Design and prototype by Mr. Clement. Produced by Tomenosuke Shoten. The soft vinyl production is done by Obitsu Manufacturing. Yohei Kaneko (Mirocktoy) as an advisor. The packaging was designed by the Lapin Factory, a company Mr. Clement founded while he was a student at the Royal College of Art in London. There are so many faces.



The top and bottom are covered with a metal lid.




They are bagged like this.........

When you remove the bag and put it back, it looks like this.





Oh my gosh, this rabbit is fighting from the beginning (laughs). This does not fit in the case when the arm is lowered. The packaging is designed to be just the right size, and I can feel the message.




With a flyer.

All the colours are lovely, but there's a good reason why I chose the grey.




The main body is introduced here.

The adorable bunny.........


どーんと局部丸出しで、FXXX YOU! しています。

It's a great way to get the most out of your local area and make a FXXX YOU!





The first thing to do is to be fascinated by this bewitchingly beautiful shape.

Unique finish of the original type that has been polished.

I'm worried about whether the head is too shiny and the creepy guy is in the picture.



It's written on Tomenosuke Shoten's blog that toys with an onchin motif or a round shape don't sell well. I think I understand that. As I wrote, it's a part of the body that is naturally hidden. In this work, the motif of the rabbit and the form are cute.



Long ears that extend like balloons of peyone and balloon art, a chubby belly that juts out, legs as thick as an elephant's... Every part of it is very cute. There is no annoyance in the pose of the middle finger sticking out of the part. And the pose where the hem of the clothes is pulled up and exposed. I think there's a message here. I think this rabbit will become a toy revolutionary with its full penis.....



As the title says, "vulgar statement," he seems to be exposing himself and protesting something. I don't see myself as educated or dignified, but I see myself as fighting something big. In the world, there are things that are supposed to be like that, like common sense and idealism, but nothing is so easy to divide. The reason I chose gray molding this time was because I felt that the color gray, which is neither white nor black, matched the message of the work. Hmm, but when I think about it again, there is a word to say that I'm going to apply black and white, and any color is good..., and when I think about it, it's considered that I made it three colors with approval, opposition, and holding. Maybe it was my own indecision that made it gray...(laughs).




Also, only the gray molding has an odd eye. Odd-eyed, all-black, and a dagger (†) to adorn his name is a sign of middle-agedness. Well, I've never done any of them myself.....

The eyes are white for black molding and black for white molding. The only painted areas on this piece are the eyes. Very simple and beautiful.



The parting is also notable: the neck is attached at an angle. The subtle nuances are cute.


自堕落なお腹。これのどこが悪い、どこが恥ずかしいのか! 潰れたヘソも可愛い。全体的に幾何学的なシェイプのこの作品の中で、この部分が妙に生々しい。

 A self-indulgent belly. What's wrong with this and what's embarrassing about it! The mashed-up navel is also cute. The overall geometric shape of this piece is strangely raw in this part of the piece.





It is natural to be split at the part where the shirt is tucked up.

The right arm is undivided and united with the body.

The shape is easy to remove during molding. It has been calculated.




The tag is sticking out from the hem of the shirt.

This is also interesting. I don't know of any sofubi doing this, so I think it's an invention. I apologize for my shallow learning, but if you have any, please let me know.





The product tag on the garment is wedged in at the division.

It's the same molding color and the same texture, but it clearly shows the difference in material!

I admire this idea.



The name is imprinted on the sole of the foot by tampo printing.



Side by side with the only Mr. Clement work I have.



Side by side with the only Mr. Clement work I have.


塗装版も予定されているそうですが、シンプルな造形なので、どういう塗装が施されるのか、ちょっと想像付きません。さらけ出したお腹にボディペイント風に風刺の効いたワードをペイントしても良いかもしれません。例えば……うーむ、なんだろう。「NO WAR」なんかは単純すぎるかな……。ターゲットマークは違うアーティストのモチーフだし……。

A painted version is also planned, but since it's a simple model, it's hard to imagine what kind of paint will be applied to it. You might as well paint a satirical word like body paint on your exposed belly. For example....hmmm, I don't know. I guess "NO WAR" is too simple..... The target mark is a motif of a different artist.....