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メディコムトイ / コジカトイズ:VAG SERIES18恐竜獣のたまごチラボ〈+Eng sub〉


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I'd like to introduce the Egg Chirabo, a dinosaur beast by Kozhika Toys, from the 18th edition of the Artist Vinyl Gacha series of Medicom Toy's 500 yen gacha gacha series.

Currently, VAG has a new prototype and a 3D scanning downscaled version of an existing work, but the Tamagotirabo, a dinosaur beast, is a new model created by Kozhikatoizu himself.

The concept is to make the capsule look like an egg shell of a dinosaur beast, and to design a larva of a dinosaur beast that fills the space. This time, the baby is Chirabo, the face of Kozhka Toys.

VAG, including the one I haven't introduced, I've been turning it around a lot when I go out to the city, but I'm aiming to complete it since Miroku Maru was lined up for the first time. I think it's because it's a new model, and also because it's expandable enough to be incorporated into original soft vinyl works that don't fit into the VAG series. By designing the standard size as an adult and the VAG Chirabo as a juvenile, we felt that we were creating a value beyond the scope of VAG.

A total of five different color patterns adopt Chirabo's existing color scheme, and if you have a standard size Chirabo with the same color scheme, you'll definitely want to pair them up.

2 parts, approximately 55mm in height.




Here's a comparison of the size. It's a good contrast.

Originally, Chirabo's head was large and deformed, but the innocent pose of him squatting down tickles the need for protection.

While the standard size appears to be barking menacingly, the VAG version is smiling as if it's asking for food.



I think they used a squatting pose to fill up the inner space of the Gacha capsule, but the large head is emphasized, giving it a more baby-like feel.





The five colors selected are the following lineup

I don't own any of the standard sizes.

Describe what you know about your history.



This is the same color scheme as the first season of Chirabo.




The same color scheme as the Medicom Toy Limited Edition, named Goro.

It's a VAG color, so you can't take it off.



This collar shows some paint errors at the shoulders.



Vibrant color scheme.




The red one above and the pink one here are elaborately painted.

If you don't plan on matching them with the standard size, I personally think these two would be a good choice.




That's all, it was Chirabo the Egg of the Dinosaur Beast.

I hear that Dinosaur Beast's Egg is going to be made into a series, and I'm very excited about it. Some species of dinosaurs have quite different shapes and forms between adults and larvae, so I think it would be interesting if you could express such changes. Also, as an extra feature, I would be happy if there was a revival of the big mogler that came with the Soprano, which had been hoarded due to a mold failure.