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白熊屋 / 白熊安全[赤]〈+Eng sub〉


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Here's a white bear safety from Shirakumaya, which I got at the Creators Market in December. I've been looking forward to it since the prototype was released!

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As you can see, this is a polar bear wearing a safety cone (colored cone). Two parts consisting of a color cone and a body. It is about 8.5 cm high. The molding color is white with a slight gray hue. The color cone red is dyed.




Colored cones and polar bears. It's an interesting combination.

The upright polar bear has a style that seems menacing. However, the fanged head is in a colored cone..... The polar bear seems to have food in it and has lost its grip on it, but it is also a ferocious beast, so it is quite comical and adorable.



The red of the color cone is tinted. The cost of multi-color formation is also higher, and if you're dyeing, I think you'll see more and more color variations.



Her hips are also pretty.



It seems that Shirakumaya's main business is originally an illustration, and the accuracy of the hand painting is remarkable. The nails, they are very clean.






The molding color is not pure white, but has a slight grayish hue.

The polar bear's body skin is actually black and its body hair is transparent. The transparent hairs reflect the sun's rays diffusely, while the black body skin absorbs all the heat of the sun. So it's an evolution to live in extreme cold weather. I think the color of the molding also represents this.




It's a colored cone, so it's not unnatural to split it up and place it as is.

As a feature of the color cones themselves, they can be stacked, so it's good to collect several and stack them.