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ソフビ雑記18:アンケート作ってみました / I made a sofvi questionnaire〈+Eng sub〉







This is a corner where I talk about the soft vinyl itself with my shallow knowledge, dogma and prejudice.

This time, I created a questionnaire about soft vinyl. We are anonymous and do not collect any personal information. Respondents will be able to see the results.

What if we don't collect any data at all.... I'll fill it out when I get a few of them together.

There are 10 questions. In order to ensure anonymity, we used a checking system for everything. The content may be inadequate, but I won't remake it.

アンケートの狙い / The aim of the questionnaire



ヘンリー・フォードは、自動車がない時代の顧客に「どんな乗り物が欲しい? 」と聞けば、きっと「もっと早い馬車が欲しい」という答えが返ってきたはずだ、と言ったそうです。同じように、このアンケートが、クリエイティブに意味があるのがはちょっと疑問ですが、誰もやってないなら、やってみる価値はあるかな、と思いました。ちょっとしたチャレンジです。


Indie sofubi originally started as a doujin activity, and I don't think there was ever any market research done. It may be said that there was no point in researching the market, since it was made by people who love soft vinyl and sold to those who love soft vinyl...

But now that the market has expanded worldwide, aren't you wondering who the collectors are and what their tastes are? 

Henry Ford, in a time when there were no cars, asked his customers, "What kind of ride do you want? He told me that if I had asked him, he would surely have replied, "I want a faster carriage. In the same way, I'm a little doubtful that this survey has any creative meaning, but if no one else is doing it, I thought it might be worth a try. It's a bit of a challenge.

Collectors can claim the soft vinyl they want. I thought it would help the artist to know what kind of soft vinyl is popular and whether there is a demand for the work he is planning to make.


アンケート結果の活用 / Use of survey results




Respondents are free to make use of the results of the survey. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the aggregate results, and we do not guarantee in case of any trouble.

I hope to do a discussion post on the aggregate results on this blog as well, once I've collected enough of them.

It would be nice if we could get 100 or so........ I wonder how many people who usually read my blog don't feel offended by these surveys.....


アンケート拡散のお願い / Request to diffuse the questionnaire




It's meaningless if you don't get a certain number of people together. If I only get a few entries, I'll be like, "This blogger has no appeal (laughs)," and I'll be embarrassed. That's fine in its own right. Soft vinyl collectors aren't interested in other people's tastes, and it's better to be mysterious about what kind of works are going to be released... I understand that feeling too.

What's not good is that the survey only goes out to people who normally read the blog. There is a growing bias in the survey trends. Ideally, I don't know if it exists, but a questionnaire would reach my anti and get them to answer it. If you want to fill out a survey but don't like the growth in views on my blog, please share the link here.

アンケートはこちら / Click here to fill out the questionnaire.


Click on View Previous Responses to see the results of the tally!



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