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sadism Brainman toy / 虐待狂脳戦士サディズムの脳人:古早の狂腦王[第二回ソフビ決起集会] 〈+Eng sub〉


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妙に予備知識が増えてくると、なかなか新規開拓が億劫になってしまうのは良くない傾向ですが、かといって手当たり次第に手をのばすのは、財布にも厳しいし粋じゃない。誰々が買っているから、きっとイケてるやつに違いないとか、そんな買い方は嫌だなぁ。己の選美眼を信じて購入してみよう! と買ってみた一体です。あとでインスタグラム見たら、台湾のホテル王が購入していたので、たぶんイケてるソフビだ(ツッコミ待ち)。


タイのトイギャラリー「cord corner」さんで購入しました。

sadism Brainman toyさんは、トイコレクターにしてグラフィックデザイナーの方らしいです。


This will be the last of the toys purchased at the second soft vinyl rally.

It's not a good thing that you can't be bothered with new development as you gain more and more prior knowledge, but it's also tough on your wallet and not very stylish to go out on a limb. I don't want to buy something like that, "I'm sure he's a good-looking guy because someone else is buying it. Let's trust our own selective eye and make a purchase! And that's what I bought. Later, I looked on Instagram and saw that it was purchased by the Hotel King of Taiwan, so I guess it's a cool soft vinyl (waiting for the comment).

The joke ends there, I thought it was pretty funny and bought it. And the price was reasonable.

I bought it at the Thai toy gallery "CORD CORNER".

Sadism Brainman toy is apparently a toy collector and graphic designer.

2 parts molded color red unpainted, with clear hood, doll's eye specification, approximately 11.5 cm in height.


 Header Design. Abusive Mad Brain Warrior Sadism's Brain Man is a series name, and Furuhaya's Mad Brain King seems to be a character name. I guess it's a bit like the first generation, the source of the abusive mad brain warrior.



The character is designed to look like a muscular pharaoh with a clear hood and a king cobra around his waist.

The combination of aliens and antiquity has an occult feel and goes well with the soft vinyl. There is a myth that ancient wisdom was brought to us by aliens. Astronomy in ancient civilizations in B.C. was as well developed as it is today.




There is an eye in the back. Will it be to avoid being attacked from behind? A king with super power often dies an untimely death, doesn't he? It is reminiscent of the Eye of Providence, which means God's all-seeing eye.



Clear hood design. Somewhat reminiscent of Turn A Gundam's Smo.



The meshing of the main body and the hood is a good feeling to have a sense of a bad toy, although it is a pretty rough feeling. It's loose, but it gets caught in the doll eye area, so be careful not to crush the doll eye.



brain is exposed!



His neck looks thick and strong.



A king cobra is wrapped around his waist.



The grounding area of the foot is originally small, and it is easy to get caught and warp when plucking from the shape, so it is difficult to feel stable. Use this article as a guide to improve (blatant induction).